Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Review of the year

There was once i have too much time. That time is actually very recent..... like now? haha. I have spend too much time in game and of course i m a big fan of it. I am here to help to give sum good review on sum of the latest game coming out on 2009. I noe everyone was very familiar with this pic shown below:

yes, is fallout 3 and is one of the best role playing for 2008. With players able to use the special ability like V.A.T.S and also free roaming around washington DC and wasteland makes it more interesting than a normal role-playing game. This game feature third peron and also first person shooter, depends on what type of person u r. I prefferably will b first person. All these roaming around wasteland and killing mutans, super mutans, feral ghoul while the 19 year old looking for his dad leading clueless for him. Fallout 3 has simply triggered whole lots of "homosapien" (ourselves) to attract to the game. Well for those ppl who jsut finish this game and wanting them more like fallout 3, fear not, the Quakecon just came out a new game call rage and is almost everything exactly the same but the graphic wise makes it more lively and they dun even wan counting on V.A.T.S. like fallout 3. Below is one of the pics from rage:

Like all gamers, i would really wan to look forward to c wat is this game goin to b like. Here is the trailer for rage and they make slightly changes from fallout 3 i guess?

For the 2nd game i wanted to present u and almost everybody noes this magnificient game is Call of duty 4: Modern Warfare 2. This is a sequel of Modern Warfare 1 in 2007. It is an honour to honour to hear tat Infinity Ward put another spectacular job on putting bits and pieces back to Call of Duty again. Since the last Call of Duty 5 was a wreck and i am kind of dissapointed at it. It will b releases in the mid of Nov and there's no way u gonna stop anyone from getting tat piece of mastermind from Infinity Ward.

If tat hasn't blown ur mind out yet, then u nid to c the new Left 4 Dead 2 with new set of survivors trying to escape from thirsty blood sucking zombies, boomer, smoker and yes, there's no more tank except they replace it with Charger. Here are the trailer for Left 4 Dead 2.

Hope u enjoy this small review the game of the year of mind and happy gaming guys.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Swine flu song hahah!! Damn is funny

Wat a big joke! sumthing tat is from the original song (nobody) they changed the whole thing to swine flu song. Hope u enjoy the rediculous song of H1N1

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

In Desperate for Work

When a person got really desperate for jobs.

I nid sum recomendation from u guys. Where shud i start myself when i got too much free time in my hand? Well idiotic enuf i spend my whole time sitting on my four legged chair with my body position upright typing away with my fingers on my laptop searching for videos, or put on my headphone with super bass run through my ears til it burst my ear drums. Housemate seems to dun care tho, that's the good thing bout it. I think i am getting too old for clubbing, especially when v are goin back to the same old place too often. I dunwan to waste my time in all sorts of nonsense getting myself to pay sumthing and i got nothing. What i really wan now is a "JOB" . I noe i sound very desperate, but wat can i do on friday, sat, sun, leisure time? I dun sit infront of the computer and watch porn and start jacking off like sum guys do =.='' . i dun waste my time in sum nonsense of popping pills and yes, i dun waste my time in goin to clubs too often. I oni go clubs with frens and not picking up chicks of course. Dancing is my life and the oni thing tat can get off all the stress is through loud music and sum crazy insane dance of mine. Sum of my frens were laffing at me of getting early start when i said "i wan to earn money now so i can get a head start for my future house tat i am planning to buy". Well tell u wat guys, so wat if u r about to laf out loud at me? At least i got the aim of wat i really wan. I just love playing with properties and i dun earn shit for ntg. I earn to appreciate how those ppl outside earn tru a hard life living and bcome a successful person. Tat's the sum1 i really envy and really look up to. I earn money so i can fit my own feet into my dad's shoes to c how last time he suffer so much to earn all the way up to the top. I earn money bcoz i really wan to noe wat's really is the real deal. I earn money not bcoz i am a money person, but bcoz i really wan to noe how when the parents work so hard to just feed a family of 5 or 6. If u say the person i envy most is my dad, u r wrong. I dun envy my dad, i dun worship my dad, i dun like my dad, i just love him..... as a father and as a head of the family which lead both my sister and i into good life tat sum of the parents can't do it for their child. I dun discriminate, i dun offend, i just wan to say tat rich ppl can't feel the situation of the poor ppl, and poor ppl can't feel the situation of rich ppl. I m not rich, i dun owned even a dime. Is my parents whom gave the wealthyness to me. I dun earn such priviledge. Altho i dun earn such priviledge, i very appreciate of wat they have done for me and i thank them as my mum, dad, and as my parents. Now u really noe y i nid a "JOB".

Facts vs Fiction of Green Fairy (Absinthe)

Presenting the 80% alcohol Absinthe

Then the 70% Absinthe

and the 60% Absinthe

Absinthe is one of those mysterious beverages that combines a certain mystique with a sense of wonder. Throughout its storied history, even absinthe connoisseurs have wondered at the mysteriously seductive powers of the "Green Fairy." Long popular with late 19th and early 20th century French Impressionist artists and writers, the seemingly psychedelic abilities inspired by the alcoholic beverage aroused curiosity in even the most conservative sampler.

In its purest form, absinthe is a powerful herbal liqueur. The invention of the "Green Fairy" is most commonly attributed to France's Dr. Pierre Ordinaire in 1792. However, most experts believe Ordinaire was a physician who romanticized about the herbal tonic's healing capabilities and capitalized on the possibility of absinthe's commercial use.

The earliest references to absinthe derivatives are attributed to two Herriod sisters in the Neuchatel region of France as far back as the 1750's. Regardless of the "Green Fairy's" origins, the French made the drink famous when the Pernod Fills Absinthe Company was founded in 1805 in the village of Pontarlier in the quiet Doubs region of rural France near the foothills of the Jura Mountains. Absinthe was also produced near Couvet in Switzerland, but it was the French who embraced the bitter herbal beverage and undertook active distilling.

The first absinthe distillery was run by Henri-Louis Pernod who oversaw the manufacture of the company's two stills. Pernod Fills Absinthe produced about 16 liters of Absinthe per day in those early years. The limited quantities did nothing to decrease the mystique associated with the liqueur.

By the early 1800's Absinthe Alcohol fast became one of Europe's favorite drinks. France dubbed the herbal liqueur La fee verte or the Green Fairy. As the popularity of absinthe grew, so did Pernod Fills' ability to produce the drink. Henri-Louis Pernod's son, Louis purchased 36,000 square meters of land alongside the Doubs River and constructed a factory capable of manufacturing 400 liters per day. At the time of his death, his successors Fritz and Louis-Alfred Pernod operated 26 stills and produced 20,000 liters of absinthe per day.

The Pernod boys were financed by the Veil-Picard Swiss banking family and by the famous Swiss engineer, Arthur Borel. Borel was responsible for innovative distilling methods and for creating the effective bottling and packaging equipment that allowed for bulk distribution of the alcohol throughout Europe. The Pernod-Borel combination was a good one. Pernod Fills soon became one of France's most successful companies.

As successful as the company was, one of their more remarkable accomplishments was their enlightened approach to women's rights. The company relied heavily upon its female employees and Pernod Fills responded by treating the women humanely, providing insurance against accidents and even developing a profit sharing and pension system as early as 1873.

As a strong herbal liqueur, absinthe is distilled with many flavorful herbs including anise, veronica, fennel, lemon balm, angelica, licorice, hyssop, Florence Melissa, and Roman wormwood. The modern absinthe has a distinctive flavor of anise or licorice. Other variations may use angelica root, sweet flag, dittany leaves, coriander or other mountain herbs.

In the early 1900's, absinthe, in its original form, was banned by Switzerland and France. The original herbal liqueur is still banned in the U.S. The culprit is wormwood or Thujone. It was believed that absinthe was so powerful that not only did it unleash the creative juices but also it became addictive with disturbing side effects.

Absinthe is marketed over the counter in the U.S. but not in the original form. Most of Europe has lifted bans against the variations of the beverage. Today, absinthe is most commonly used as a mixer for classic cocktail recipes. This is a far cry from portrayals of absinthe imbibers by Degas, Picasso, Van Gogh and Toulouse-Lautrec, who revealed disillusioned patrons overcome with absinthe. Perhaps the closest commercial grade absinthe is Absente, which has developed a balance that neutralizes the licorice flavor.

The "Green Fairy" bears a lot of history and a lot of romance. With each sip, the herbal liqueur takes you back to a different time and a different place and that is just part of the mystique.

Green Devil provides information, tips and kits on the making and history of absinthe throughout the ages. Learn more about the allure this beverage has held over the centuries or make your own absinthe alcohol and find out for yourself. Visit online at for more information.

Well who cares anyway =.=''. People just careless bout history anymore..... Anyway enjoy ur next absinthe and kill off ur beautiful liver and braincells if u may wish to b =) .

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Great Ocean Road.. greater than u think

After math.... everyone got wet and a girl shot out MY THONG when the wave wash off her slipper

Am i actually floating?

WOW! guys take it easy, is public 

Sam u r getting in the way!!! shoosh!!

Meet the eye of Marucs, b afraid!! b very afraid!!

Easter break are short and wat can v do in just a week? Let me tell u how, U play poker with ur frens? go clubbing? go chillout at ur frens place? go Crowns Casino and get urself bankrupt? Go hit on sum girls (for guys) or guys (for girls) or (unless u r bisex or homo u can do watever u like)in the club i highly recommended. Well if u are above tat all, u r just a sad sad person. Go get on a vehicle, or public transport and go sumwhere! Especially for those students whom are alien to tat country. Well wat is nice about travelling? Let me tell u the definition of Travelling.

There are numbers of meaning to travelling and u might get confuse of wat i am saying. Is it

A.To go from one place to another, as on a trip; journey.


B.To go from place to place as a salesperson or agent.


C.To be transmitted, as light or sound; move or pass.


D.To move along a course, as in a groove.

If u answer either of those 4 answers u r rite. But those ppl dunno wat i am talking bout travelling and they still choose the answer bsides A, they are just plain stupid (no offence is just the truth).

Trying to save bits of our money left in our wallet v prepared few food on our trip. Sort of...... 3 sandwiches, 2 mee goreng (who the heck bring mee goreng), 3 potato chips and drinks. Well, errr.... let's just say is abit too much especially the mee goreng. Early as usual v woke up and have ourself a light breakfast. B4 goin off to sum dodgy hotel where the bus shud pick us up to the other shuttle. It was a fine day and i just bought along my usual wind breaker with my comfortable jeans and t-shirt on. 4 hours of ride in the bus seems to b pretty too long and boring especially the winding part of the road really hit Jasmine and made her really sick. I am so worried and b4 tat v had a stop and she had mee goreng and a sandwich. Can't blieve i didn't bring along my panadol. But luckily she was alrite after she went to the washroom. I found tat most of the day on the trip to G.O.R. are very epic and i really like the part where sam's scream (MY THONG! MY THONG). i was laffing my ass off looking her slippers got washed away by the roaring wave. But dang the wave came back for more but this time the wave help her to retrieve her thong back =.=''. Shud have taken video for tat. Everyone got so wet (shoes and slippers of course). who are u kidding with? the bus driver probably will kill us if v are all wet and sitting on his bus. Well Good trip always end up to b joy and lafter and dun forget bout the pics. I just love most of them but none especially i made those douche faces.

PS: pics can't b upload now, guys sryee u have to wait

Getting out of hand over wii will cause disaster!

Wii, wat a fun console u will have moving around with ur hands and ur body movement. Wat i can just say about Wii is totally Stupendous!! Idiots like the guy above tot it was for real tat he is actually playing bowling! =.='' just watch the the guy do his thing and u will noe y i say tat.

Warning!: Extreme stupidity will let u do such things. KIP THE REACH OUT OF STUPIDITY!!

4 months and ntg!!???

Impatiently every1 is craving for more of my blog, and yea i noe i leave this blog for too long and i noe i gotta do sumthing bout it. Anyway, let's just get started shall v? Australia has been treating me very well til today. Well but not all are gr8 tho when u r about to bored off urself with a dingly dangly person which nags alot. Her name is Samantha my housemate =.=''. Let me tell u about her life when she is on her own far away from home, she nags, and bosses me like nobody else. Owh dang i just gotta stay with here for mayb another year or 2 til the nagging is over *sigh*. No more comment and the rest u noe urself Sam LMAO.

My fingers ain't working well for blogging.........

5 minutes later...

okay i totally dunno wat to rite now.... well mayb is not the rite time for me to blog yet i will b back shortly...

(to b continue......)