Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Review of the year

There was once i have too much time. That time is actually very recent..... like now? haha. I have spend too much time in game and of course i m a big fan of it. I am here to help to give sum good review on sum of the latest game coming out on 2009. I noe everyone was very familiar with this pic shown below:

yes, is fallout 3 and is one of the best role playing for 2008. With players able to use the special ability like V.A.T.S and also free roaming around washington DC and wasteland makes it more interesting than a normal role-playing game. This game feature third peron and also first person shooter, depends on what type of person u r. I prefferably will b first person. All these roaming around wasteland and killing mutans, super mutans, feral ghoul while the 19 year old looking for his dad leading clueless for him. Fallout 3 has simply triggered whole lots of "homosapien" (ourselves) to attract to the game. Well for those ppl who jsut finish this game and wanting them more like fallout 3, fear not, the Quakecon just came out a new game call rage and is almost everything exactly the same but the graphic wise makes it more lively and they dun even wan counting on V.A.T.S. like fallout 3. Below is one of the pics from rage:

Like all gamers, i would really wan to look forward to c wat is this game goin to b like. Here is the trailer for rage and they make slightly changes from fallout 3 i guess?

For the 2nd game i wanted to present u and almost everybody noes this magnificient game is Call of duty 4: Modern Warfare 2. This is a sequel of Modern Warfare 1 in 2007. It is an honour to honour to hear tat Infinity Ward put another spectacular job on putting bits and pieces back to Call of Duty again. Since the last Call of Duty 5 was a wreck and i am kind of dissapointed at it. It will b releases in the mid of Nov and there's no way u gonna stop anyone from getting tat piece of mastermind from Infinity Ward.

If tat hasn't blown ur mind out yet, then u nid to c the new Left 4 Dead 2 with new set of survivors trying to escape from thirsty blood sucking zombies, boomer, smoker and yes, there's no more tank except they replace it with Charger. Here are the trailer for Left 4 Dead 2.

Hope u enjoy this small review the game of the year of mind and happy gaming guys.