Friday, July 25, 2008

Is Ain't My Last Goodbye Yet!

When life's apart, u gotta move on and noe the reality always will b reality instead of dream...

Beach in Australia are simply Oustanding and unabeatbale unlike malaysia

St. Kilda beach... such beauty and breath taking.....

Saturday nite performance in Swanston Street Melbourne!! Cool

Chocolate!! altho i am not a very big fan of it but... damn is fantastic!!

Camwhoring as always!!! =.=''

This pic is also taken due to boringness while waitting for the flight in Singapore!

This is wat u will do when u r too bored in the airplane for 8 hours!! lolz

The sky is so beautiful when u r facing the opposite direction of where the sun is rising

There's no point looking back in the past, Now the future are awaitting for me and i will not let anyone to bring me down!!

Frens will nvr b apart!! thank u guys, if not for u all i wun b in aussie now! thx for all the encouragement

Frens for life!! i will remember wat u said to me Jy and Jonathan.. "Never let anyone bring u down!!"

Ppl in Malaysia nagging me to update my blog once i got to Melboune. Frenkly tell u tat i really wanted to update but i dun have any internet to access... Since now i am back alive with my My rented apartment, i am so glad tat now i can blog and go on9. Is been awhile since 12th of July 2008 has past.. I still remember the day when almost 45 ppl came to my house to party all nite long while sum got tipsy and sum got drunk... haha wat a wild party i've throw XD.. but i am happy tat all of them are playing and dancing so happily. And now, i am in Melbourne for good!! i really wan to thank u all for coming to my party and for my departure date. I really appreciate what u all've done for me all this while and all the good memories.. V laugh, v cried, when the time has come for me to go off to sumwhere tat's totally no knowledge to me.

Moving along, Melbourne city is ain't tat big actually. U can seriously walk around the whole city for 2 days. There's ntg much to explore but the drivers here are very polite unlike back in Malaysia... =.= and the city is fantastically very clean. Winter sem with 8~14 degree, those of u which think is not cold, U r nuts!! Is freaking cold when there's strong wind blowing towards ur direction. Shopping mall here aren't as big as in Malaysia like MV and also 1u. The biggest mall u can find here will b Melbourne Central... and boy!! the things here aren't cheap as well. Imagine eating a Char Koay Teow which cost u 7.90AUD!! tat's like RM23.70 in Malaysia!! =.='' well let's juz say i would really luv to giv a big round of applause to BADAWI which made inflation and depression of economic in Malaysia. Now i noe y most of the students wanted to migrate other country instead of studying in Malaysia... lolz plzz dun get offended Badawi, i am juz telling the truth!! oni truth!! and nothing but the truth!! XD...

Yesterday i met up with Hee Mong and gosh!! he's been slimming down like hell when last 6 months i saw him!! and he kip on saying tat his result ain't tat good... when i ask him wat he get, he said "oni" H2 .... i was like =.='' WTF isn't tat good? Owh well he is smart haha tats y he expected to get better.... Owh yeah and surprisingly he now DRINK!! haha i didn't noe until last nite and he told me there's a pub on the 3rd floor of Melbourne central where alot of asian ppl anging out there!! But hey, i am not gonna get tempted over tat coz my mission now is to finish off my UNI in RMIT and graduate as a Chemical Engineering with all full HD.... XD and hopefully i will get m y PR here as well. The last thing i wan to say about Melbourne ppl are, "THEY ARE GR8" and wish u all are here XD... tat's for all now and thx once again for bringing me such a good memories back at Malaysia and dun worry, i will b back on the december for sure!! For those JPA scholars, i would like to take this opportunity to wish u all good luck in Canada and have fun there but not too much fun until u forgot to study aite??? hahaha cya and until next time

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Is Been A Memory To Me

i juz wan to say, u guys gave me the best memories i've ever had.. The laughter, the sadness, the sorrow, the pain, the lameness, the cheer, the sacrificial, the joy and love...... I tot i always was alone but this time i ain't gonna think of that since i've edi feel all this with u guys. I really appreciate the time we had together and i really would like to thank to a specific person that made me strong and made me a new person... if u r looking at my blog, u sure noe who u r. Thx for my gr8 buddies who would stand bside me... The days will nvr end here and i will b back again!!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Speed Of Light

The time now is 12:26 in the afternoon... i still left 2 weeks more b4 i m flying off to aussie. I juz wonder, y time now travel as fast as the speed of light? one second ago i was in college, the other second i know a fren or a two, 3rd second i was able to laf and chill with my "good frens" then the second later i got to b in the examination hall with my frens, at long last v graduated happily yet so sad time is juz passing by juz like this.... *snap* the time juz gone by....... I will doubt 4 years would b long.. Sryee for the things tat i've done wrong, sryee mum or dad if i ever offended u all or did anything bad, and sryee frens if i was rude or juz being an a**hole all this time... Sryee once again and thank u all..