Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Freeze!!!!!!

Freeze at Melbourne (FLinder's street) i am in it but u can't c me =(

Freeze at Grand Central America (this is damn cool)

ever wonder doin freeze for 5 minutes without scartching urself altho u r itchy? picking ur nose bcoz of the snot or moving ur fingers even a little? now here's sum video tat's gonna amaze u!!! i too participate in the melbourne freeze and is so damn cool!!

Sadness & Happiness

seems like i've nvr even got to keep my promise... Owh well, i still left 2 more weeks in melbourne and i am in emo mood and also happy mood. Hahaha neways gonna miss the food heaps back on malaysia especially roti canai and all tose spicy food. Yesterday i went to beach with a bunch of my frens and is freezing cold =.='' COME ON!! is edi november almost to december and is still so cold in Aussie.. *grumble grumble* and the day b4 yesterday v all plan to go to my frens place and play CS and sadly v can't play LAN game coz the line are not connected to our computer. Sad life i have here. But i am very happy here to found sum1 in Melbourne. The sum1 means alot to me and i really like her... i gonna miss her for 3 months when i am back to malaysia. Owh well, 3 months of holidays and i dunno wat to do CRAP!! hahah juz kidding i hav lot of things to do actually, hanging out with my frens, clubbing, etc etc...... and the list goes on and on and on. Wan to go on a holiday with my bunch of nut case fren back in malaysia and also spend more time with my fam. I really nid to get a job next year in Melbourne and start to support my own in Melbourne instead of spending so much money on my dad's money. U noe wat i mean rite guys? the "guiltiness* feeling hahah. Neway i gonna stop my ranting for now, i will post up sum sad pictures of me and my frens playing CS *not on Lan* together lolz..

PS: my com sucks!!! can't play COD5 =.='' (ur graphic card cannot support the system) WTH!!!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Back & Alive!!

hey guys, is long since i last posted any updates. I've been very busy lately bcoz of assignments, test, exams and also projects. Now tat i have finish my sem, i am so glad tat i will b having 3 months of holidays. 1st of all everyone was saying tat i changed alot since when i came to melbourne. Yea i did notice but i think is to better i guess lolz. Neway this post will b abit dull coz i wun b posting any pictures here, I have remix sum of the songs that i've been able to do it and also from the request from my fren. All the songs took me 3 hours for 3 days to complete the remix itself. Haha guess i am still not as sufficient as other Dj. Owh and bout the gf and bf thinggy, haven even really together yet coz she still nids time to get herself a fresh start back. I not gonna say much here coz is abit personal to hers. Neway i will b updating u all very soon and tomolo i will post up the pictures i've done so far in Melbourne.. Adios. =)