Monday, November 12, 2007

Picture of the day where my beloved lecturer Ms. Khoo posing for the camera to have a snap shot of her haha!!

The evergreen group.... they did their best and give them the best shot they've got.. Congrats guys (6.9m)

The group that came 1st but go last, but what do ya noe, they strive hard to get the furthers they got (9.1m)

Teng Jian's teammates are ready to go! as always teng jian says "Can 1laaaa" hahaha (7.6m)

The oni girl's group in the trebuchet project!!! way the go girls show them the girl power haha!! (9.4m)

Success and unexpected!

7:45 rise and shine, i was still sleeping soundly but forgotten that i do have college today.. i rush all my way to college to catch up with the 8 a.m. class but i was late for it.. I then was absolutely lazy to go for my com science class since i arrived in college at 8:20. I was not suprised that i bumped into one of my frens in last sem. Dinesh was sitting there stonning as usual and i there suddenly pat his back hardly and he turn back and shout OI!! as the same as always. Spending an hour with him talking nothin but gibberish is such a watse of time. Later when i enter for my chemistry class, Alex Khor the smartter twin brother of mine said that my com science lecturer spotted me loittering around in the campus and i was shock to noe that. Well now i noe that i am really in a deep shit situation haha. Physics is where all the people are nervous and anxious about their try outs in their trebuchet.. My group in the other hand was tremble but was excited at the same time... different trebuchet designs are tried out and it reminds me the Rome wars during the history times. Sling after sling were release during the battle ground make us seriously wan to achieve even more than any others in our class and maybe even the best... but my group mate doubt that v can b the best trebuchet sling shotter against other groups in our physics class. People everywhere try their last try outs to make sure their trebuchet was exactly in order... when i got to noe the news that one of my classmates achieved 9 meter and above for their trebuchet i feel lost and my confidence level went down. Slowly walking towards the lecturer i pray hard tat our trebuchet must really work... Little did i noe i was seriously in a trembelling state, 1st shot was released and everyone eyed on the projectile, claps eveywhere were heard but lecturer insist us to do another time bcoz she can't believe that we actually achieve 11 meter instead of 7 meter of our actual requirement.... thrill as i was, i try out for another time and this time the projectile went the same range as before. Once our trebuchet was proven tat it has done more than 10 meters range, i feel so relieve and i was high up in the sky... Well as i can say everything is possible sumtimes when u least expected it to happen. Remember, the lesser u expect it to happen, the more u will achieve higher... theory was proven by me, so trust me for it haha...

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Wei Ling and Colin trying their best to get the shot as far as possible while i am juz enjoying taking pic.....

Ain't nothing but a stupid trebuchet!!!!

Consider myself as zombie, never expected v did this stupid project (trebuchet) for the whole day and it didn't get any better.... V are thrill from the start where this mini trebuchet of ours flew 10 metres as the requirement actually need us to flew 7 metres... extremely happy til the second shot onward make us feel much disappointed, is like counting down for the rocket to balst off instead of counting up! 10, 9 ,8, 7, 6, 5 and it stops there.... angrily slapping our heads with our palms, v decided to find other alternative ways to make our trebuchet flew even further..... But it juz seems tat it never wan us to go any further than 5 metres, *sigh* wat a dissapointment... neway bassically as i can say tat my trebuchet mayb the best design made.... i juz say mayb haha, i noe tat there will b sum1 tat have much better deisgn than ours... Last minute of doing project seriously are not a good idea to do so..... lecturer punishing us with last minute assignment also another big problem in my course..... y can't they juz let us do our assignment ealier for heaven sake... it really bothers me when it all comes at once like juz a big pile of junk tat are useless need to make it sumthing else tat mayb b useful =.='' oh well juz another 2 more weeks i guess =) 2 more weeks and i am finish with this sem......

Do you belief in relationship last forever?? yeah i do, for i relationship is trust, determination, loving and caring... i was nvr been in relationship b4 though =) but i juz noe tat sum1 out there one day will suit me well for it and i am waitting and waitting and waitting for it... haha i dunno y i post this in my blog but i juz post for the sake of posting oni.....appreciating ur loves one bring happiness to urself and also to other ppl, cared for the ppl who u really care must be done now b4 u r too late to do so..... conclusion, never ever let go of the chance to love and care for the love ones u got now instead of regretting it later

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Baptism and outting

Wei Liang. as blur as always and i there was retardedly snaping pic of him kayu-ing!

Pui man, she was the only girl in our group but very fun person to b with.. neway wat r ur fingers picking at?

For this pic i have no comment coz he is juz seem to enjoying his food while thinking of girls? lol

The man of equation,even he is on dining table he still thinking of physics and maths while eating

Omar was enjoying his meal till instead of using the term fingerlicious, his one is tonguelicious...

completely stop in the middle of the road juz to take this car pic

6:30 morning, tats the time i woke up once my CG leader called me up from a morning call. Baptism is wat i always been waitting for and today is the day.... There are total of 50 homo-sapiens taking part in baptism at the K-3 situated not far away from my church... all start well ends well, the presence of God so strong in the area and i could feel it when the name "Alex Lee" was mention from the baptism list... Cold as it seems the water, i dip in and reach near to pastor and he gave me a sweet smile and start praying for me.... Once after i have submerged in the pool i feel i have been renewed and i am so happy tat at last i got baptised. on my way to fetching my fren i can't take my eyes of this ride and it attracts me directly to stop my car to take a pic of this beautiful piece of masterpiece.

Later in the afternoon after the baptism, my frens and i drop by to sunway to catch a movie "30 days of nights" is not to say a very good movie but still i can rate it as 7/10 for this movie coz gorish movie are one of my favourite one. Say i am crazy or sadist if u wan but i juz like to enjoy the movie tat is sumtimes disgusting haha... after our brilliant hour of movie, v drop by at teppanyaki to have our lunch.. As usual, crapping and laughter was heard around everywhere from the restaurant but who cares, v did have lots of fun lol, i even took their pic of having their delightful meal while laughing at each other..... how can they laugh and eat simultaneously? hmm i wonder.......

Friday, November 2, 2007

Tower Of Hanoi's legend?

"Tower of Hanoi" thats what my lecturer says, is bassically a legend tat predicted by monks tat if once after they has completely transfered 64 discs from 1st peg to the 3rd peg, it will be the end of the world.... v calculated in computer science class tat if the monk are able to transfered one golden disc from one peg to another in half a second, it will take them 299 billion years to finish the puzzle b4 the world end...... this calculation may b abit incorrect coz half a second to transfered a golden dics from one peg to another is impossible to b achieved... Neway if u still dun get wat i mean,u can check out this web instead and play the game, it mayb fun to u and it mayb not. But i can assured u, once after u played this game u will noe wat i am talking about... . Above picture shows tat wat so far today v have learn in computer sceince, i noe is abit small but i found a new and good way for all those ppl out there who are juz like me tat lazy to copy down lecturer's notes. Is more effecient and time saving.. Consider ourselves lucky, what if there's no hp or camera are made then?? isn't abit hard for us to have cam-whore or taking lecturer's notes pic? haha.... lame as always i guess.....