Monday, October 29, 2007

wei liang a.k.a. always says he wins but wat do you noe, he does everytime win =.=''

mercs blocking my way home while i was in a hurry

Teng Jian a.k.a. dota king but well he is smart though as he seems

One hell of a day....

Please dun remind me about today, i have the worst day ever........ 2 test at once and i was not fully prepared for it, coming to think of it i tot i would screw everything up especially my computer science. Mr.Joy is my lecturer name where all students around were used to say him arrogant, but i can prove u wrong coz he ain't and infact he is one hella of a lecturer i would remember haha... Proceed to my test,today i wasn't quite satisfy with it although suprisingly tat i got 6/10 for not even touching any com science notes. After lunch with my friends as usual i was banging my head over walls to figure
out questions for physics test tat i will be sitting this afternoon. Library is a place for ppl like us to study but my college ain't the one =.='' noises can b heard everywhere and computer tapping sound make me mad. I decided to drop by to my ex-class where the devil awaits me Ms. Foo, my geometry lecturer..... Little did i noe, she grab my ear with her fingers and started to pull as if i was like a dough.... this is how small my ex geometry class looks like....

Too bad tat i left the class although the class student are juz 12 of them but they are really fun to be with... Well good riddance i guess,coz i am never suitable for this sub and if i weren't to drop this sub, i will bring down my average for sure...... Walking down to stairs for my next lesson tat's physics, i was as usual unprepared and i mean always. I would consider myself as a slacker of all the physics students in my class.... Nervous as i am when my lecturer handle the test paper to me..... well let's juz skip this part coz i am not gonna state out wats goin on here. All seems so rite after the test and every1 gushing out from class oni left few of us in class to ask lecturer bout physics lab report... how i hate it when it comes to lab report and i even get bored of it and so i juz play around with my phone camera to take sum pic of my frens tat considerably call themselves nerd =.='' rite!!

Sunday, October 28, 2007

ironically related to me......

Church is where my second home was since past few years...... I've been abit back slided sumtimes and i feel bad about it...... to tell you the truth, i've been always bless by God and he is only the way i live for. Today as i was the same in the church having praise and worship then to the sermon, i found tat wat my pastor said really related to me sumhow..... i was really shocked and by tat time i realize tat God has been always looking after me and he noes how i feel.... ironically i went back home and having doubt bout myself and thinking....... these past few years i may have been backslided sumtimes, but sumhow i really thank God for everything he did to me.... juz tat to noe my results are not tat good but i do plzz to say once more if not for Him, i will never achieve higher and better results.....

"Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God... Heaven and earth shall pass away, but my words shall not pass away." (Mt 4:4; 24:35)

blogging trend!!

i can't believe i start to blog!Oh well bassically for me blogging is actually juz a past time unlike my frens,they keep updatting their blog everyday... got to noe it, blogging actually ain't bad. I have started blog till i went through lots of famous blogger like kenny sia, he inspired me to open an account for it, haha juz love his blog post very much and always his blog would make me laugh like crazy....coming to think of it,if i got his ability to rite sumthing tat is as interesting as him i would b famous aite? XD haha jk jk oni i dun really look for fame here juz tat i would like to try out blogging juz like how my frens got addicted to it by posting their own pic and their daily routine... well that's for my 1st time blogging for today, will post another by tomolo.... ciao