Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Original version of Vitas!

Parody version of Vitas!

Gay version of Vitas!

Hey guys, sryee for the long waitfor my update, but basically this ain't my latest post yet haha coz i still owe u all the sydney story and also the pics... haha sryee ya guys, well basically i wan to kip it short today since i will have my test on friday and today's test is like hell!! well, hopefully i can get good grades for my Statics... wh well, is edi over now so i dun nid to bother about the past and look forward to the nest test coming up this friday and monday. As u can c the video above is actually a parody of the Vitas! haha it juz kips making me laf till none stop.. and yeah the original song is tremendously good. He can sing high pitch and i mean VERY! at 1st i tot it was a woman who sang it. but it is not! it surprise me.... XD well, juz enjoy the funny video and also the ori song i posted it up on the side bar ... i still owe u a tag and i haven do it yet, but i will b doin it sumtime this week once i finish with my test on friday okay.....

Monday, September 1, 2008

Catching a train to Sydney for a holiday

Well basically i am juz having my sweet holiday now and am goin off to Sydney today at 7:55 p.m from Melbourne to Sydney alone! i am a lone ranger... neway i gonna meet my fren in Sydney tho. He will b catching a plane while i nid to settle in the cozy train for 10-11 hours.. gosh haha i dun mind tho coz i can move around more and also not as tight as the plane i guess? lolz i shall take good pics and also buy sum souveniers back for myself also to all of my frens and fam back in Malaysia. Talking bout my fam, my eldest sis juz got engaged last saturday and i miss the grand party!! *sigh* owh well lucky is juz engagement... my sis sure will make sure i will b back for her wedding tho =) .. Sis take care in Hong Kong and all the best ya. Take care of yourself and do kip contact haha. Well i guess there's another 3 more hours for me to prepare b4 i go off to Sydney. Adios and have gr8 time whenever and wherever u r now =) . Till then i will not b on9 for 4 or 5 days, Adios and have a gr8 day MATE!!!