Monday, December 31, 2007

This is wat u call crowded in singapore after the countdown in orchard road..

"The golden compass" displayed at bugis shopping center in singapore

Farewell is not the end but just a beginning

Time juz passed by in a snap of a finger... 2008 is here and it has been a bitter and sweet year for 2007. In the end, is time to bid farewell to the marvellous year. So many things to do and so little time. As i recap, last year was my 1st ever to go clubbing and countdown. It was juz so great, the time spend in singapore countdown with my fellow frens joanne and vicky haha.. they all 2 juz gorgeous and when it comes to joke, vicky really noes how to trigger one. Yeah the lala and si ham seriously was the highlight of the day and i keep on laughing till even i peed on my pants i also didn't even noe LOL.... well tats abit exxegerating i guess. It was a thrilling nite and also the spraying of artificial snow were everywhere. Felt my whole body was wet after was attacked by the bunch of party hooligans spraying all over the orchard road. And guess wat? I've learn my lesson, haha juz next time if u guys planning to go to singapore for countdown and u r taking MRT, juz plz add ur card value 1st if not u might b like me get stucked there for an hour waitting to buy a bloody card haha...

6 days after, it was new year's eve and actually i dun hav any big plans. And guess wat, everything comes at last minute. Morning i went out with my fren teng jian and 9 random person.. Well meeting new ppl is one of the best way to get exposed rite? haha... The movie "i am legend" tat i've written bout last few weeks gone with the same application for the movie "National tresure book of secrets" haha i am nuts when spending money on movies lol... V had our lunch after that v went straight back to home... Oh yeah and i did sum shopping too b4 went back to Shah Alam haha. Night comes along.. the parties are gonna start soon everywhere in KL and throughout asia. I've been locked up in my room and suddenly my fren rang me and ask me to go for a party in my fren's house. How can i juz reject the offer since is also the last year of 2007, so i juz chipped in with my fren and went to the party... 2 Wiskies served up and v finish the whole bottle by playing sum game introduce by my fren's uncle. Both of my fren got drunk and lucky i was not drunk but tipsy. V held rest for hours so that 2 of my frens are can calmed and also regained their conciousness..

people are juz people. forget that u wan to forget and cherish the moment that u have... Farewell is not the end, farewell is always the beginning of the new life.. Regenerate urself and cherish the person u really have with u now... make no enemies with enemies but make no frens with betrayers... Heart stabbing mayb the worst of all feelings that u face, but lost of hopes and dreams determine u r a loser... Potential strikes with confidence, without confidence u will left unknown..

Friday, December 14, 2007

Will Smith in "I Am Legend" this is where one of the best scene u must watch...

Call Of Duty 4 Modern Warfare, is one of the best 1st person shooter game ever made (much respect to Infinity Ward and Activision).

Movie flick and games!!

With must appreciate with the game that i had played since last week, "Call Of Duty 4 Modern Warfare" is one of the most adrenaline rush 1st person shooter game. With combination of stealth and teamwork with ur teammate S.A.S and U.S.M.C this is one of the game u must play... i have ntg much to describe it coz this game is too awesome... guarantee u will get hooked up on this game, seriously.

Well thats about my short review bout the game, coming to movies. Hmmmm "I Am Legend" guess what, i watch it twice in a row.... yesterday and today ahahah, now wasn't it fun watching 2 times in 2 days. I am telling u seriously is one of the show that makes u bump up out of ur chair and also the story line was quite awesome. Some ppl did said that movie is abit draggy but i dun think so coz this movie might b telling the fact of the outcoming future where u noe our technology nowadays are more and more advance and sophisticated. This may happen to us in real life too if v didn't really take precaution on the medical and science research ahahaha...

Spending a whole month rotting doesn't seem a good idea and i have been slacking since after my finals over... well i guess i need to b productive though ahahaha..... Playing games 24/7 doesn't help either coz my eyes will b painful and i can't stand over such long hours of gaming and straining my eyes unlike those ppl that does in cyber cafe... well basically for those ppl who play dota LOL... sry tj and wei liang, no offense ahahah..... day after day past by and i am still waitting for 22nd to come and of course, especially on 24th =)

Sunday, December 2, 2007

bunch of nut case 1 with wei liang on the photo while teng jian snaps pic

bunch of nut case 2 with teng jian while wei liang snaps pic!!

judith, teng jian, me and joanne in the eye of malaysia.. y doesn't time stops ahaha!!!

left is the girl i mentioned about with a good archery hand and she gets a bloody bullseye!!!
all geared up and ready to go, teng jian the archer are ready to get trash by me hahaha
blurred and confused with the decisions we are making throughout our trip =)
ok ok i got it, pui man u r good at archery and u are qualify to bcome legolas the 2nd LOL!!

genting skyway and it does sumtimes freak sumones balls out to shrink ahemm i guess u noe who is tat for those who r in the same cable car with me LOL

The bunch of monkeys having cam whore session while waitting for bus shuttle XD

Away from stress and hello holidays!!

Holiday at last, i was so glad that all the exams are over and now i am in a holiday mood... It was morning on thursday and i feel abit sick, my dad woke me up and drove me to asia cafe as i am goin to teng jian's house to overnight on tat day b4 goin to genting the other day... well as u can c, morning i was catching on with a game of pool with my buddy wei liang. Haha ok ok as usual i got beaten my ass up by him and guess wat i am getting better after playing pool with him.. 2 hours later teng jian pop up and later on he played pool with wei liang... feeling sleepy as the morning sun glaring at me, i watch teng jian get trashed by wei liang with the count of 5-0 won =.='' tats wat i guess sumtimes. Well on the way to kl, teng jian and her buddy judith went down kl to fetch my fren joanne which she was currently studying in singapore to hav a day out together and it was fun... we watch movies and went to the "eye of malaysia"... hmmm how i wish the time stops sumhow lolz....... neway my buddy and i went back at 12 midnight and was exhausted... Bursting our laughters out in his room with funny jokes and video tat he played in his computer we slept around 1.

The next day was the day we are eager to go, well it so called the "City of Entertainment" =.='' rite.... we get on to our break-fast and we head to pasarakyat, thats where our bus station is to genting... Lady with a slightly moody face made me feel like i gonna rip of her head as she was grumbling all the bad words when mopping the floor... Well for a second tot, i am taught to love our enemy as well haha... so my anger gone subsided, with peace regained my mind teng jian and i head rite to the bus station and waited for bloody half an hour... Well wat do ya noe, v waited at the wrong bus station afterall XD haha silly us. With the nut bus driver drove us to the skyway with according to my calculation about 120 km/h, we reached the destination in juz 45 minutes MY GOSH!!! wonder he could drift using a car ahaha.... while was waiting the bus to took off to awana, well well wat do ya noe, i got bump into my bunch of physics frens and sum of the unknown faces in the genting skyway too.. As usual v slumbered while waiting for bus. After not "check in" the room bcoz it was too early to b check in, v have our backpacks all jumble up in the security bag watcher i guess XD.. cam whoring session started as one of them started to do so ahemmm "Pui Man" is her name and sry to mention it loud here buddy lolx is juz a joke ok =) ... v had alot of fun posing and making stupid faces. 30 minutes past by then the bus arrived, We all went up using cable car and to tell u the truth ours with the jokers and crappers in that bloody moving thing made us the noisiest of all cable cars ahaha...

Genting City of Boringness =.='', u wonder y i said tat huh? tell u y then, it is bcoz the weather outside is too misty to operate their machine to generate their rides (theme park) and also dangerous.. Ah oh well so we decided to play indoor might as well.. Haunted adventure "yeah my foot" ahaha is not scary at all and is not worth it as the whole 2 floors are juz bloody empty but i must admit the 3d effect was quite good.. Omar the leading monkey which he must actually take the lead was walking as slow as possible. While moving slowly the girls jerk and screaming were heard screeching through ears.. haha i pity wei liang and omar, they got their shirts pull hard by the girls and was jerking back and forth.... Rock climbing seems like a nice place to b after sum scaring in the haunted house, the dudes all take challenge to climb and few of us succeed.. But the best i guess is still archery, well not to b boasting, juz to let u noe tat i juz played once and i guess i am pretty good at it lolz... my target are consistent.. pui man her skills are as bad as others.. ahaha juz kidding lolz.. she is actually good at it to with the 120N and 15m/s the arrow went straight and BULLSEYE!! ROFL! money by money after we had spend, our big bunch of groups separate into 3 and sum of them are not satisfied with the whole trip juz to get to played indoor, so i might as well juz tell them to hope for tomolo's weather to b better... Well i guess my ranting is abit too long and i noe tat u guys out there are lazy to read LOL so i guess i juz stop here and let u c my pics as an evidence....