Saturday, January 17, 2009

wat makes u laugh alot? Jokes of course

these are sum of the vid jokes tat will crack u up altho is abit racist

and this is genius!!! c how this fella prank ASDA

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Wiimax vs Streamyx? change or stick with it?

Yea, we heard of Wiimax and is coming as an apponent for Streamyx... Heard from my fren which he is working for Wiimax as a promoter earn RM2000 a month without commision yet... but the pay is not fixed 2000 always. It depends on the agent to set the salary for those ppl who are working.
Come to the main topic... Y do u all nid to fight over such small matter? which is better and which has faster connection? is still the same anyway. Okay for those ppl think that Wiimax is faster, yea i agree with it. But think bout it, when was the last time Streamyx was tat fast? It was about 4 or 5 years ago rite? Let me tell u the facts of it. I would nvr changed my subscriber to Wiimax for sure even if it is free. The fact y connection of streamyx go slower is bcoz they are excessively used by all the states in Malaysia and wat can i say? a million or 2 million of them using the same streamyx line? Yea tat's how it works! When Streamyx was 1st time introduce in Malaysia, everyone is crazy over to have it. I was so eager to get it as well coz it oni cost me the same price with the unlimited time usage. Alot of places were used to have no Streamyx connection like Wiimax now. Is all depends on the waitting list and the place they register. If the counted waitting list is more than wat they expected, they will eventually set up a connection at the designated location.
Now comes to my part, changing to Wiimax will b a problem coz my area here doesn't have much ppl register yet, and y i said i will nvr change my connection? Is simple think of wat i wrote about juz now at 2nd paragraph. Many ppl are aware of Wiimax now since they all are appearing everywhere, college, places which are targeted and also places which attract alot of ppl. Okay, if Wiimax are so popular now, they might ended up using by so many users in Malaysia and it might help Streamyx to decrease level of lagging and also slowing down the load page of websites. If the outcome of Wiimax and streamyx have the same number of subscriber, they will have the ratio of 50:50 which is good for Wiimax and Streamyx user. If Wiimax overpower Streamyx, most probably ratio of Wiimax user to Streamyx user will b 70:30 and this will help Streamyx to boost the speed connection and while it will decrease the speed rate connection of Wiimax. Last piece of advice, since now Wiimax is on fire and spreading their "virus" (connection in other word) to other states, slowly the number of streamyx user will b decrease, no point of changing ur connection to Wiimax isn't? unless if u all read my blog and it make sense to u and most of u all do not want to change to Wiimax, this will help the Wiimax o boost the speed connection.

PS: CHanging to Wiimax for me is useless, so y changed it? Read it one more time if u do not understand wat i said...