Sunday, December 28, 2008

a song tat i specially dedicated to u T.T.T.T =) (Craig David - Insomnia)

I never thought that I'd fall in love, love, love, love
But it grew from a simple crush, crush, crush, crush
Being without you girl, I was all messed up, up, up, up
When you walked out, said that you'd had enough-nough-nough-nough

Been a fool, girl I know
Didn't expect this is how things would go
Maybe in time, you'll change your mind
Now looking back i wish i could rewind

Because i can't sleep til you're next to me
No i can't live without you no more
Oh i stay up til you're next to me
Til this house feels like it did before
Feels like insomnia ah ah, Feels like insomnia ah ah
Feels like insomnia ah ah, Feels like insomnia ah ah

Remember telling my boys that I'd never fall in love, love, love, love
You used to think I'd never find a girl I could trust, trust, trust, trust
And then you walked into my life and it was all about us, us, us, us
But now I'm sitting here thinking I messed the whole thing up, up, up, up

Been a fool (fool), girl I know (know)
Didn't expect this is how things would go
Maybe in time (time), you'll change your mind (mind)
Now looking back i wish i could rewind

Because i can't sleep til you're next to me
No i can't live without you no more (without you no more)
Oh i stay up til you're next to me (to me)
Til this house feels like it did before (Because it)
Feels like insomnia ah ah, Feels like insomnia ah ah
Feels like insomnia ah ah (Ah), Feels like insomnia ah ah

Ah, i just can't go to sleep
Cause it feels like I've fallen for you
It's getting way too deep
And i know that it's love because

I can't sleep til you're next to me
No i can't live without you no more (without you no more)
Oh i stay up til you're next to me (to me)
Til this house feels like it did before
Feels like insomnia ah ah, Feels like insomnia ah ah
Feels like insomnia ah ah, Feels like insomnia ah ah

Feels like insomnia ah ah, Feels like insomnia ah ah
Feels like insomnia ah ah, Feels like insomnia ah ah

From Malaysia to Hong Kong & back to Malaysia

5 days in Hk and it has been crazy shopping.. hmmm all is well tho and i like HK. Is juz for shoppers to drop by and shop like crazy. Good for those ppl who are really looking for branded things too. =.='' I nvr seen such queue in my life... Mayb bcoz u may nvr seen this happen in Malsysia. Come on, i think those ppl there are too freaking rich. Imagine how many ppl can afford to buy LV, Gucci, Prada, Hugo Boss, Georgio Armani and etc in Malaysia? i guess oni 20%? but in HK there are like more than 50% of the population go for branded stuff.. =.='' wat's wrong with this ppl. Ahh nvm not interested to noe too.

B4 i was in HK my fam was unable to catch the earliest flight to HK coz we went in 2 minutes late for the luggage check in =.='' asshole this is nonsense man.... 2 minutes summore. Air Asia is so not reliable but i can't fully blame them coz they followed the rules and regulation. *sigh* well tat leave our parents no choice but to buy a tics for me and it cost RM980 =.='' rediculously expensive wtf!! haha... is juz not fair tat my parents can get 90% off while i got ntg. ARGHH!!! (chilling down) if i got the priviledge of getting 90% off isn't good? i can travel around the world with low cost flight haha. Well is been fun in HK and i did lots of shopping and also took lots of pics. Most of the pics is in my another memory card and sum also at my sis cam. My parents are still in HK while my 2nd sis and i came back early. I suppose to stay there longer too, but the cost of the flight is juz too rediculously expensive so i decided to went back early with my sis to kip her company too. Any interesting things in HK? yes there are alot. They sell pornography magazine in the middle of the street and also they display alot of kinky stuffs hanging proudly for the eyes of the people like kenny sia said and wat the hell with the elephant and bird underwear for guy =.='' lame!! who's gonna where all those kinda things unless u r a low life person who wan to entertain urself with those underwear hahaha XD.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

2 weeks since i am back!!

Okay u've edi read my title and yes i have edi been back to malaysia for almost 2 weeks now and i still have lots of ppl i haven met yet. My college frens, my Church frens are the main one.. Well guess pretty much things here back in Malaysia hasn't changed at all. The food, The ppl, The weather, all still the same. Now i really miss u coz u r in Melbourne and while i will b back in Malaysia for 3 months. 3 Months will b long but hey, still? v all still get connected to each other rite? lolz thanks to technology nowadays. I really nid to buy shirts back here in Malaysia. I am lacking of clothes!!! bloody hell..... I even nid to borrow my frens shirt when i was back in Melbourne goin clubbing =.='' is so damn rediculous!!. Neway when r v gonna meet up marcus? Well i've edi promise u tat i will b goin out to clubbing with u this coming thursday so in a meantime i will juz hit the gym most of my day and make u jealous when u got to c me tat buffed up!! LMAO..... i doubt i can since u edi damn buffed up =.=... Plans will b packed this coming week coz i nid to meet up my college and my church frens too. Hope they all still remember me!

Altho v are far apart,
in different country,
different weather,
diff ppl,
v are still at one,
with all i m,
i juz wan to b with u,
2 hold u,
2 touch u,
2 protect u,
2 b there forever with u,
2 touch ur cheeks,
2 touch ur hair,
ur scent always are so beautiful,
i nvr wan to look at anyone eyes besides urs,
i miss u. =)

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Freeze!!!!!!

Freeze at Melbourne (FLinder's street) i am in it but u can't c me =(

Freeze at Grand Central America (this is damn cool)

ever wonder doin freeze for 5 minutes without scartching urself altho u r itchy? picking ur nose bcoz of the snot or moving ur fingers even a little? now here's sum video tat's gonna amaze u!!! i too participate in the melbourne freeze and is so damn cool!!

Sadness & Happiness

seems like i've nvr even got to keep my promise... Owh well, i still left 2 more weeks in melbourne and i am in emo mood and also happy mood. Hahaha neways gonna miss the food heaps back on malaysia especially roti canai and all tose spicy food. Yesterday i went to beach with a bunch of my frens and is freezing cold =.='' COME ON!! is edi november almost to december and is still so cold in Aussie.. *grumble grumble* and the day b4 yesterday v all plan to go to my frens place and play CS and sadly v can't play LAN game coz the line are not connected to our computer. Sad life i have here. But i am very happy here to found sum1 in Melbourne. The sum1 means alot to me and i really like her... i gonna miss her for 3 months when i am back to malaysia. Owh well, 3 months of holidays and i dunno wat to do CRAP!! hahah juz kidding i hav lot of things to do actually, hanging out with my frens, clubbing, etc etc...... and the list goes on and on and on. Wan to go on a holiday with my bunch of nut case fren back in malaysia and also spend more time with my fam. I really nid to get a job next year in Melbourne and start to support my own in Melbourne instead of spending so much money on my dad's money. U noe wat i mean rite guys? the "guiltiness* feeling hahah. Neway i gonna stop my ranting for now, i will post up sum sad pictures of me and my frens playing CS *not on Lan* together lolz..

PS: my com sucks!!! can't play COD5 =.='' (ur graphic card cannot support the system) WTH!!!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Back & Alive!!

hey guys, is long since i last posted any updates. I've been very busy lately bcoz of assignments, test, exams and also projects. Now tat i have finish my sem, i am so glad tat i will b having 3 months of holidays. 1st of all everyone was saying tat i changed alot since when i came to melbourne. Yea i did notice but i think is to better i guess lolz. Neway this post will b abit dull coz i wun b posting any pictures here, I have remix sum of the songs that i've been able to do it and also from the request from my fren. All the songs took me 3 hours for 3 days to complete the remix itself. Haha guess i am still not as sufficient as other Dj. Owh and bout the gf and bf thinggy, haven even really together yet coz she still nids time to get herself a fresh start back. I not gonna say much here coz is abit personal to hers. Neway i will b updating u all very soon and tomolo i will post up the pictures i've done so far in Melbourne.. Adios. =)

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Original version of Vitas!

Parody version of Vitas!

Gay version of Vitas!

Hey guys, sryee for the long waitfor my update, but basically this ain't my latest post yet haha coz i still owe u all the sydney story and also the pics... haha sryee ya guys, well basically i wan to kip it short today since i will have my test on friday and today's test is like hell!! well, hopefully i can get good grades for my Statics... wh well, is edi over now so i dun nid to bother about the past and look forward to the nest test coming up this friday and monday. As u can c the video above is actually a parody of the Vitas! haha it juz kips making me laf till none stop.. and yeah the original song is tremendously good. He can sing high pitch and i mean VERY! at 1st i tot it was a woman who sang it. but it is not! it surprise me.... XD well, juz enjoy the funny video and also the ori song i posted it up on the side bar ... i still owe u a tag and i haven do it yet, but i will b doin it sumtime this week once i finish with my test on friday okay.....

Monday, September 1, 2008

Catching a train to Sydney for a holiday

Well basically i am juz having my sweet holiday now and am goin off to Sydney today at 7:55 p.m from Melbourne to Sydney alone! i am a lone ranger... neway i gonna meet my fren in Sydney tho. He will b catching a plane while i nid to settle in the cozy train for 10-11 hours.. gosh haha i dun mind tho coz i can move around more and also not as tight as the plane i guess? lolz i shall take good pics and also buy sum souveniers back for myself also to all of my frens and fam back in Malaysia. Talking bout my fam, my eldest sis juz got engaged last saturday and i miss the grand party!! *sigh* owh well lucky is juz engagement... my sis sure will make sure i will b back for her wedding tho =) .. Sis take care in Hong Kong and all the best ya. Take care of yourself and do kip contact haha. Well i guess there's another 3 more hours for me to prepare b4 i go off to Sydney. Adios and have gr8 time whenever and wherever u r now =) . Till then i will not b on9 for 4 or 5 days, Adios and have a gr8 day MATE!!!

Friday, August 29, 2008

Hanging On (new production!)

DJ Greyhood at work station

Random shots? i guess..... hahahha

This is how my campus looks like in the nite!! sryee is abit blurry coz using my phone to take it

Yeap, tat's my lecturer!! hmmm.... teaching mass and energy balances!! u will noe wat i'm talking bout if u take chem engineering

A studious student listening to his lecture and with his highlighter!!

Audi R8!! bet u can't c this car in Malaysia at all!!! hahahahaha

Wat's this? hmm shall v took a closer look?

OMG look at tat!!! is a "periodic table of sex" wat happen to RMIT? they sell this kind of thing in the campus?

My God they even show the style of how u do it!! =.=''

This is the 1st computer invented in Australia!! and i mean the whole thing!!!
Compare urself this computer with the laptop now u r using!!

Lately i have been very bz with my assignments and Web-Test, but well finally i'm tru with all those coz i edi finish it off b4 the holiday started haha. Next week will b my a week off from Uni and as i was saying b4 this, i most probably will b off to Sydney to have a look around and also a short vacation alone? haha it depends how tho. Well 1st thing 1st, the song u r listening to now is actually my own production. no remix, no copyrite juz pure from scratch!! haha blieve it? haha it took me quite sum time to arrange it and compose it and is freakingly took me days to think of the composing and hours to match it up with my DJ program. Hope u all like it alot.. haha is my 1st production and plzz giv sum feedbacks once u listen to it XD...... Uni has been good and i m now slowly expanding my horizon and giving myself a chance to miggle more with caucasian. And yeah, they are not bad afterall. Sum are frenly and sum are arrogant i guess haha.. Is gonna b spring soon here and i noe tat u all whom are in Canada now are slowly freezing up coz it will b winter soon... XD Juz take care u all, dun u all get chill and sick later. Well is friday nite, and i'm finally gonna open my wine and drink it!! At long last eh? Haha neway i am off now and mayb will come up with another new production of mine soon? Cya and Gd Day Mate!!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Shots of the day!!

The lights from heaven!!

Windy sight of Mornington Beach aka Pacific ocean...
Evening shots of the Mornington Beach!!

Evening shots of the Lights From Heaven!!

The colour of purple on the field!!

I am still learning how to take close up shots!!so plzz comment bout it

haha tat's fake tho... the odd one juz came in randomly the shots..

Wine anybody??

Mooo.. anybody? my God look at their size compare to Malaysia's beef!! lolz

Shots were taken from the wild life park (spiders.. will u go eekkk!! or WOW?) for me definately go WOW!!

THe lizard trap in the cage!! pity the little one... can't get to c the world for itself

TAT'S WAT I CALL A FAT AND LAZY KOALA!! reminds me of sum1 LMAO i sure hope u noe urself well XD....

A small Kangie apparently shy to come out to have a picture taken by us

WOW!! KANGAROO DRINK COKE!! man, coke u got a big fan here... not oni human likes to drink it but also the kangie

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Places and peoples!!

Melbourne attraction.. building are made mainly for architect student

This is where people get along together to cheer for Aussie in the olympic game.. good place to chill to

Whole shot of the cathedral building..

the cathedral close up shot.... People in Melbourne are gr8 are preserving their building

Hmm.. crap cars?? hahaha my God...

How bout this? the title is "The Worst Car Ever Sold" LOLZ

People in Melbourne protesting "Hiroshima Never Again"


The infrastructure of Melbourne City... isn't beautiful?

Thursday, August 7, 2008

New DJ system!!

Thanks to my fren Kirt, i was able to download another DJ program and am gonna use it to compile, mix and mashed up the genre of hip-hop, trance, house, techno and R&B. Cheers and keep update with me about my daily progressing on DJ trainning.


DJ Alex at work!! he is too bz mastering the skills

When a person is bored, he/she will do anything to get out of boredom... and yes i am one of them and guess wat i found a system tat can make myself addicted to it all nite long with it... is call the "DJ Mixer" who says u nid a Proffesional DJ to handle the system? I can b better than them and now practicing it hard to master it... is not as hard as u think.. is juz the timing of changing songs and putting suitable sound effect... Owh well, guys if u nid a DJ next time juz hire me.. i dun charge for anything!! but i juz nid speakers.. for more info plzz log on to if u wan to really hire me for sum functions.. hahahahha

Saturday, August 2, 2008


Today's lesson, the disaster meal......

Ever wonder a person learn to walk b4 crawl? or drive b4 taking license? Well i do... Today morning i went out with a bunch of guys to buy sum groceries. V stop by Victoria market and started to pick sum tomatoes and potates and also bought back sum chicken drumstick. I was surprise it oni cost me less than 15 AUD... Happily after shopping in Victoria market, i went back to my apartment and start cooking.1st up the soup... I boil the water and start peeling off the potatoes skin and later on i chop into pieces together with tomatoes.. i dumped it into the soup and add sum vinegar and also salt to enchance the taste (seriously i dunno wat the heck i do tat for).. Neway once still not satisfied, i start to crack 2 eggs and dumped it into my rojak soup as well... Owh here comes the disaster part!!! I tot of making marinated chicken with sprite. At 1st it went very well with the chicken marinated in sprite for almost 40 minutes. Then i didn't noe u nid a oven instead of microwave to made a marinate chicken... little do i noe i heard the chicken go pop in the microwave and i quickly stop it and took it out.. later on i am thinking of frying the chicken instead of putting back into microwave... after frying for about 10 minutes, i think tat it doesn't seems 2 b rite... =.='' so i immediately turn off the gas and chop the chicken into pieces and dumped the slice chicken into the soup..... after waitting for 10 to 20 minutes, the soup is ready and i kinda wanna puke when i open the cover at 1st.. But when i tatse it, it seems okay for me. So i juz ate the whole soupful of "Disaster meal" i cook and forget bout wat i did. Owh man cooking isn't easy i tell u.. seriously

Friday, August 1, 2008

The Wine and Obsses with photography!!

Time has no limit for ppl tat thinks they always had time..

When a person got obsses with wine and champainge too much..

One of the best shots...

State Library in Melbourne city..

Shiraz.... I juz simply love the tatse of the wine

Candid shot of myself using negative mode..

Wines were ment to b good for a reason in winter....

Barrels are kept for the champainge for a certain period.. Is for the taste purpose..

Fine shots of champainge glasses..

Negative shots of tickets admitssion

Olden days where ppl got to ride a steam train... With a little help from the charcoal to produce it

Candid camera shots from my dad!

Tracks symbolize "there's no turning back in time"

Negative shots of The grapes in winter season...

Lately i've been obsses with photography.... I doesn't want to have long ranting on wat i do with my camera phone, so i decided to post it...