Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The eldivo's walking down the street while singing opera.... rite

Canada...... my dreams, my education juz shattered (aussie here i come)


Dreams are made shattered, Few days ago i have myself occupied with my frens in the Wisma MCA to have a visit regards of canadian education fair.. Morning at 8, reluctantly to wake up bcoz still feeling abit sleepy. On my way to college i have lots of tots in my mind thinking of how to persuade my dad so that i could stay in canada to finish my studies there. When once i reach to college, i felt so lonely with no one accompany and on that moment i have to call wei liang to chipin as well since he is always free during sat and sunday... Bus arrived and so are my other mates, we reach in kl around 45 minutes and once we've got down from our shutter v headed to the 2nd floor... Waterloo University attract lots of patrons but therefore is an unfortunate for all those JPA scholars bcoz they're limited to 4 years in Canada and the goverment doesn't allowed them to work there even a year.After the fair, i had my lunch with a bunch of my frens in Mc Donalds near Ampang Park LRT station. Have our lumpcious food there while talking much gibberish as v always do whenevr v are together. RIOT!! in KLCC and a whole bunch of taylorian juz walk all the way there to c the riot.... Ntg biggie bout it juz that the malaysian police are posing with their guns acting cool.... not.

Sunday, a dark day for me.... I was not expected wat i have expected, it started of juz a nice chat with my dad bout the education and university while when i suddenly mentioned bout Canada university he changed and look at me like as if he juz got an anger arousing his head and wanted to kill me. I had not mentioned that i dunwan to go australia while instead i said apply for aus uni and also canada... i heard no answer from him but silence in 5 minutes then he said y Canada?? and i replied to him as wat my hearts leads me to tell him bout it.... His only reason is "too far" and he nvr wanted to answer me in a better way and all he could say is too far... i persuade him even more and his answer in his mind juz saying no to me... then he got fed up and said "either u go aussie to study or u dun study at all" it finally get me to shut up for awhile and tats when my father giving all his reasons why i shud not go there. Feeling heart broken and also angry, i called my fren (pui man) and talk to her.... i that time feel very depress and she was on the phone keep on cheering me up and said all the good things i can face in australia. Finally i was convinced abit i thank her so much that she can giv a tick on my mind abit.. In my room i sat, i was browsing through my mail in the middle of the nite and suddenly she came in and was suprised that i am not goin to canada. For me to let her noe that is a hard thing for me to do, but why shud i keep it myself from her and giv her the empty hope. All seems to b juz darken, not even a deem light i can c in my head... i badly wanted to have us to get along each other well and now everythings juz broken into pieces... wat a shame eh rite?

While after the long chat i was really grateful that i do tell her bout it and now what i have to do is juz wait (determination and patience leads me along).... i juz wan u to feel happy with ur decisions and u have tick me on my head that once u said this to me and i very appreciate it, thx for everything =) ......

dos fantasy, v created dem 2gather
tho its now not gonna happen
but is not u who gv empty hope

Faith in determination and patience...... with love, alex

Friday, January 25, 2008

Sweeney todd (left johnny depp right i had no idea who she was) lol

i nvr listen to my mum when she said Plzzz dun play on the elevator!!

This pic of the lion's head was taken in time square ain't that magnificent?

Bintang walk, the most happening place in malaysia and also an expensive one

Much more than a time!!

Here am i, sitting on my chair infront of computer to start blogging haha..... Sryee guys for you all to wait for my new post hahaha, and nvr expected that my tag board got spam so fast by u all especially jon =.=''. On friday last week, it was the 1st day i've ever been to bintang walk!! ahaha well u can call me a jakun if u wan to coz i hav nvr been there b4 XD..... One of my comments of goin to this kind of place is, plz do not buy any drinks or food from the "unamed stores" they might kill u with the price which they set up. Seriously a cup of fruit juice for 15 bucks!! i rather go to starbucks and get a frappacinno less than 15 bucks =.=''. Performance were held in the center of the bz street in bintang walk and lots of pedestrian watching their unique performance.... Suddenly with a bunch of hobo monkeys (uneducated malays) started to fight in front of the crowd and they think their so cool with their hair dye blonde =.=''... well all i could juz said is that they are dumb bcoz they are blonde haha...

The day of debating in college for the international business was great, basically i got all the ideas juz sort out the way it was and i was really hoping to get good greds on my debating... I present myself as the opposition team which is actually disagreeing about malaysian brings benefit on doin business with other country. All went well and i got 3 category 4+ and left one more is 4. Recess came by and i met wei liang and tj, weiliang seem to b pretty confident he could beat me in his debate result. Well guess wat, he really did =.='' nvm wei liang, this is juz the beginning haha dun think this will keep u long from getting ahead of me coz i gonna get u XD....

Applying to canada U doesn't really seem my father like it very much but i really wanted to convince him bout the pro's studying in canada so that he would really let me b in to further my studies there without restrictions.. haha.. My father on the other hand wants me to go aussie *sigh* so at last i decided to apply for different university in different country (canada and australia) .... Tomolo i will b heading to the canada education fare, hopefully all went well and i got to get all the info i got, but till then i will leave it to the application form to do the thing. Coz it will b either "accepted" or "rejected".

Talking bout bloody, tell u wat, sweeney todd was his name and he is an innocent barber with a beautiful wife. The judge with jealousy wanted to take away the wife from him, he ordered a police officer to detained him so that he got the chance of getting his wife. He escape from the prison after 15 years and went back to his home in london. He got to noe his wife was rape and she poison herself and her daughter was taken away by the judge. After noeing all the truth , he wants to have his revenge and he settle himself back home to work as a barber again. Sadly things aren't goin well as he planted and it went more and more bloody throughout the rest of the movie. Well guys, in order urself to check out the climax of this movie i ain't gonna tell u the rest of the part. So go buy a ticket and watch urself (is a collaboration with music and violence). Only for those that are elligible age like me can watch this kind of movie =p.... dun mind my crapping coz i juz love to do so....

Step into ur heart and it gave me a part of my will to gain knowledge bout u. Stop whinning while i am still elligible to do the things i am able to do. Close the door bhind me and i will close my door in my heart. With no knowlegde and power of will i am nothing but a stone that doesn't do anything....

Monday, January 14, 2008

Yeah "All About Law".... haha luckily i do love law compared to history. Is all bout absolutely ntg but LAW, ain't that cool?

Look at the bloody load of books i gotta help my fren to sell (3 calculus book and 2 chemistry book) to b exact.. =.=''

1st New Year post!!

The day of new year juz past 2 weeks ago and it seems that now i have to return to college once again. Feeling good at fresh start of 2008 has made me more confident for my this sem to get better results.. My fren pui man was so eager to look forward on goin into IB (international business) class, but it seems that Mr. Frank (director of ICPU) have a grudge on her and he dun even let her to change the subject. Haha well, pui man juz follow ur timetable for now aite? is goin to b oni half a year after u r getting out from taylors. With my class lecturers, especially Mr. Hanna and Mr. Saint, the class are awesome and also i felt relax on their class.

With the timetable changed, wei liang totally are out from our lunch break community and he needs to have his lunch by himself... i really feel sorry and symphatize for him. The best part of all this sem is that i got to go back as early as possible, that's 1 in the afternoon. But reluctantly to go home, i attended the LAN class (which i have edi done in my 1st sem) and juz making havoc out of it. TJ my good fren always trying to shoo me off and call me to go back home to study instead of wasting my time listening to LAN class... well wat can i say, i am a dedicated student to learn again LMAO... Best part of all, well not basically the best part tho, i cut my hair and also i got tons of books to sell off to the new comers.. (hopefully this burden would b over quickly) haha.... is totally killing me coz i need to take the books around everyday asking for ppl whether they wanted to buy o not... Is time now for me to find buyers in Sunway college i guess... Great salesman comes with Great contacts... wat is tat bloody quote i am writting? Well who cares, it sounds good to me is more than enuf

Parting to a new life doesn't help me on non-stop thinking of u.. carressing tenderly on ur face and hug u for sure if i was there... completely will b there for u no matter wats the situations.. I noe is juz easy to say, but i do really wan to make u happy as u r now... I may not b the rite one mayb, the decisions is still up to u and hopefully that every decisions u made i respect u and is the best for u... Love are not by force but by feelings.. With the only wish i got now is that i hope v all can get to noe each other much more better... =)