Thursday, May 15, 2008

Tiesto Video!!

Grand finale for Tiesto concert on 10 May 2008.

Tiesto in port dickson (2 days of freedom)

When people get really high on rave concert, they just dance crazily!!

Rememberance day for all of us. Tiesto concert 2008!!!

Opening Tiesto song (10 seconds before sunrise)

Cosmic Gates (as u can c both dj's are working hard to bring up the crowd)

Tiesto doing his thing.... Yeah man i will nvr forget that night, though a person vomit very close to our area.

The lighting are fabulous. Is the best lighting concert i've ever seen!!!

The gang which travel all the way from KL to Port dickson just to attend the tiesto concert on 10 May 2008.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

I've Been Tag

why do i have to do this??? =.=''
8 things i'm passionate about....
1. Break Dancing
2. R&B and also Hip hop music
3. Movies
4. Talking crap (daily bassist)
5. Being a leader
6. Clubbing
7. Eatting
8. Chill with my frens

8 things i say or do too often.....
1. Fish Head!!
2. Mofo!!
3. Fofo!!
4. Fuck head!!
5. Oh shit!!
6. Shut uplarr
7. CB
8. WTFish!!

8 things ive read recently
1. John Grishma (rainmaker)
2. IB text book
3. Universities booklet
4. Law text book
5. Pornography brings benefits (dun get me wrong.. is for my CCA law essay)
6. Porn journal
7. Bible
8. Dictionary

8 songs i could listen over and over again.....
1. T-pain- church
2. whine up
3. Tiesto
4. Flo Roda- low
5 Timbaland ft Flo Rida - Elevator
6. love stone
7. four minutes
8. My love

8 things i learned last year......
1. Do not trust your teamamtes too much when doing project
2. Be a responsible person
3. the word CB!!
4. not all scholars are boring and nerd
5. Break dance (self learned)
6. Clubbing
7. Speak more fluently
8. To be more like myself

8 people to tag
1. Ben Teh
2. Edmund
3. Kirti
4. Pui man
5. Teng jian
6. Alan
7. Tsuey
8. Shu ann

Sunday, May 4, 2008

One more month!!

Is juz crazy!! I can't believe is May edi..... i so gonna miss my college mates when they all goin off to Canada while i am goin off to Aussie..... *sigh* hope that this last month of mine will not b wasted and hopefully all my results will b gr8 so i can get into the Uni i wanted especially my IELTS Results i am worried aboout now!! Wish me luck guys and i hope that in this one month time i can spend more time with u all so when v all fly off to different places the memories of ours will not fade away... peace y'all. =)

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Iron Man (orang ferum) and i was lafing when the subtitle said "orang besi" wtf!!! lolz

JACKSON!!!!!! Crazy man, i love this guitar lol

Joanathan at work with his canon DSLR

While bernard uses his handphone..... what a comparison!! XD

"A lvls Mooting", (taylors won) but boring though ZzZzZz i prefer criminal court case!!!

Rejuvenated by assignments and tests!!!

Hey guys, sryee for the long wait... Man i just got out from the heck of the week i've got *phew* wat a sign of relief. Law test, IB debate, IELTS speaking, Calculus quiz and IELTS (wirtting, reading and listening) that i've just done early this morning... Oh yeah and dun forget the charity concert that i contribute to my fellow fren lol.. U still owe me lunch and u shud noe who, i am talking bout XD. Neway i was juz joking ok.

What would u b thinking when u heard bout legalizing cigarettes in Malaysia? I bet for most smokers would have said "smoking will cure particular diseases, helps to relax urself" and for those who opposed, they would most likely to said "smoking kills!! Must consider the 2nd hand smokers!! blah blah blah..... and so on". The debate was supposed to b very intense and shud have a time for us to rebut between each other. But sir wants to keep it simple and wants to keep his class under control since after i heard from my fren said "Alex, did u know that the period 4 ppl when doing friendly debate almost got into fight!!??" I reluctantly listen to wat he said coz is juz a frendly debate and how hard can it b to maintain our right composure and attitude? But overall the debate was fine and i did jerk abit in the end when i got up to giv my conclusion bout y cigarettes shud b illegalized. Oh yeah and what the heck does cigarretes gotta do with population control? That sounds abit rediculous.

Keep moving on to my speaking test.. Well not exactly wat i am looking forward to, but what the heck, i think i juz nail the questions that the examiner gave.. though i screw abit on the "restaurant" part.... 6:30a.m. 3rd May 2008, Saturday, i heard my phone ringing and it was my fren whom i call her to wake me up on that time.. I am glad that u made that phone call, if not i might overslept and miss my IELTS test. Abit feeling sleepy i tried to slap abit on my face to wake myslef up, I expected the test would b at 8a.m. sharp but instead the paper start at 9 =.=''. Man u juz mess with the wrong guy wants to have his beauty sleep. Neway all i could say is that listening part u nid to catch up fast and must b fully concerntrate. Reading was DAMN tricky and i mean "DAMN".... especially when it comes to a question that need u to answer either "yes, no and not given". Stating the yes answer is no problem for me but the "no" and "not given" are difficult to label them. I hate to say this but Reading are damn tricky and not easy if u didn't read the passage carefully and also underline the answers/important points. Last but not least, writting. This is the most i prefered in all of those 3 categories. And guess wat, in section 2 i did it in 15 minutes!! Guess i am lucky enuf to have the topic about "rich country should not emply any skilled workers from poor country. State your agreement or disagreement". All i could say about the writting section is that IB saves my life!! lol

Law test, errr... not much to mentioned about it. I spend the whole day studying chapter 4,5,7,8 and 9,and i messed up abit on the matching part... Damn!! that supposed to b a free full mark for me and i did sum of it wrong!!! wat happen to me?? Neway, i juz hope that i can scored good marks for this test.

Okay here comes the Charity concert!! For my opinion i think it was good.. especially my fren Gary sang the jay chou song!! Man he is damn good.... Big cheers to him owh yeah and dun forget to pui man for all her hard work and effort.. Congratz pui man =) .... Shocking thing is that Nana could sing, and I MEAN WELL!!! JPA scholars are crazy over her haha.... Big round applaused to these ppl. My photographer, Jonathan working his ass off the whole nite taking pics and also his cigarretes =.=''. Sam was having her time of her life in MPH and while Bernard trying hard to get himself steamy with hot chicks!! LMAO.. was tot of goin to Bar Celona after the concert since i nvr saw yun ling and tilla in club b4, but i was alarmed by my dad to come home early due to my IELTS test.. Nvm guys, i will make sure go with u all after the finals and b4 i leave MAS okay? =) Okay, my ranting will stops here and STOP PUFFING CIGARETTES U FAGGOT!!