Tuesday, May 5, 2009

In Desperate for Work

When a person got really desperate for jobs.

I nid sum recomendation from u guys. Where shud i start myself when i got too much free time in my hand? Well idiotic enuf i spend my whole time sitting on my four legged chair with my body position upright typing away with my fingers on my laptop searching for videos, or put on my headphone with super bass run through my ears til it burst my ear drums. Housemate seems to dun care tho, that's the good thing bout it. I think i am getting too old for clubbing, especially when v are goin back to the same old place too often. I dunwan to waste my time in all sorts of nonsense getting myself to pay sumthing and i got nothing. What i really wan now is a "JOB" . I noe i sound very desperate, but wat can i do on friday, sat, sun, leisure time? I dun sit infront of the computer and watch porn and start jacking off like sum guys do =.='' . i dun waste my time in sum nonsense of popping pills and yes, i dun waste my time in goin to clubs too often. I oni go clubs with frens and not picking up chicks of course. Dancing is my life and the oni thing tat can get off all the stress is through loud music and sum crazy insane dance of mine. Sum of my frens were laffing at me of getting early start when i said "i wan to earn money now so i can get a head start for my future house tat i am planning to buy". Well tell u wat guys, so wat if u r about to laf out loud at me? At least i got the aim of wat i really wan. I just love playing with properties and i dun earn shit for ntg. I earn to appreciate how those ppl outside earn tru a hard life living and bcome a successful person. Tat's the sum1 i really envy and really look up to. I earn money so i can fit my own feet into my dad's shoes to c how last time he suffer so much to earn all the way up to the top. I earn money bcoz i really wan to noe wat's really is the real deal. I earn money not bcoz i am a money person, but bcoz i really wan to noe how when the parents work so hard to just feed a family of 5 or 6. If u say the person i envy most is my dad, u r wrong. I dun envy my dad, i dun worship my dad, i dun like my dad, i just love him..... as a father and as a head of the family which lead both my sister and i into good life tat sum of the parents can't do it for their child. I dun discriminate, i dun offend, i just wan to say tat rich ppl can't feel the situation of the poor ppl, and poor ppl can't feel the situation of rich ppl. I m not rich, i dun owned even a dime. Is my parents whom gave the wealthyness to me. I dun earn such priviledge. Altho i dun earn such priviledge, i very appreciate of wat they have done for me and i thank them as my mum, dad, and as my parents. Now u really noe y i nid a "JOB".