Sunday, April 26, 2009

Great Ocean Road.. greater than u think

After math.... everyone got wet and a girl shot out MY THONG when the wave wash off her slipper

Am i actually floating?

WOW! guys take it easy, is public 

Sam u r getting in the way!!! shoosh!!

Meet the eye of Marucs, b afraid!! b very afraid!!

Easter break are short and wat can v do in just a week? Let me tell u how, U play poker with ur frens? go clubbing? go chillout at ur frens place? go Crowns Casino and get urself bankrupt? Go hit on sum girls (for guys) or guys (for girls) or (unless u r bisex or homo u can do watever u like)in the club i highly recommended. Well if u are above tat all, u r just a sad sad person. Go get on a vehicle, or public transport and go sumwhere! Especially for those students whom are alien to tat country. Well wat is nice about travelling? Let me tell u the definition of Travelling.

There are numbers of meaning to travelling and u might get confuse of wat i am saying. Is it

A.To go from one place to another, as on a trip; journey.


B.To go from place to place as a salesperson or agent.


C.To be transmitted, as light or sound; move or pass.


D.To move along a course, as in a groove.

If u answer either of those 4 answers u r rite. But those ppl dunno wat i am talking bout travelling and they still choose the answer bsides A, they are just plain stupid (no offence is just the truth).

Trying to save bits of our money left in our wallet v prepared few food on our trip. Sort of...... 3 sandwiches, 2 mee goreng (who the heck bring mee goreng), 3 potato chips and drinks. Well, errr.... let's just say is abit too much especially the mee goreng. Early as usual v woke up and have ourself a light breakfast. B4 goin off to sum dodgy hotel where the bus shud pick us up to the other shuttle. It was a fine day and i just bought along my usual wind breaker with my comfortable jeans and t-shirt on. 4 hours of ride in the bus seems to b pretty too long and boring especially the winding part of the road really hit Jasmine and made her really sick. I am so worried and b4 tat v had a stop and she had mee goreng and a sandwich. Can't blieve i didn't bring along my panadol. But luckily she was alrite after she went to the washroom. I found tat most of the day on the trip to G.O.R. are very epic and i really like the part where sam's scream (MY THONG! MY THONG). i was laffing my ass off looking her slippers got washed away by the roaring wave. But dang the wave came back for more but this time the wave help her to retrieve her thong back =.=''. Shud have taken video for tat. Everyone got so wet (shoes and slippers of course). who are u kidding with? the bus driver probably will kill us if v are all wet and sitting on his bus. Well Good trip always end up to b joy and lafter and dun forget bout the pics. I just love most of them but none especially i made those douche faces.

PS: pics can't b upload now, guys sryee u have to wait